Please read before posting.

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Please read before posting. Empty Please read before posting.

Post by Garmar on Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:24 am

General guidelines for posting in The Workshop.

All forum rules apply.

The Workshop is for written works needing critique. Articles (unless it's a non-fiction piece you need critique on) or writing issues questions must be posted in the appropriate Writing Issues forum.

Consider using a different working title and changing the names of your characters if you plan to publish the piece in question sometime in the future. This will help protect your first time publishing rights. I have taken steps to keep The Workshop area out of the Google indexing system and lurkers (non members) can't view those stories.

All comments must be kept on topic. This means do not hijack threads for your own purposes. Example: posting sections of your work in a thread you didn't start.

Remember to do two or more constructive reviews before posting. (I'm suspending this rule for now--while site membership grows--to see how it works out.) For more information on reviewing and its benefits to you as a writer, read my Reviewing FAQ

Please post your story in one thread only. Rewrites and/or additional chapters should stay in the original thread.

Please don't edit your original post after receiving reviews. Post the rewrite, and each additional rewrite, as a new post in the original thread.

The reason is that it helps new reviewers to see how the process works by reading how other reviewers help writers. Seeing how a story started out, then transforms into a finished piece is very important for new writers also.

Do not post a link to your story from another web site or a blog.

This is posted in the Forum Rules, but I will stress this again. This site takes plagiarism very seriously. Only post work that is yours. This also applies to work a friend or family member wrote.


Please read before posting. Ubd7850
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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