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Post by Garmar on Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:30 am

How do you create a plot?

Plot can be a simple as putting character X into a sticky situation and writing what happens next. Then your plot develops as the situation gets more difficult from there. No matter what the plot of your story is--rags to riches where the MC has a happy ending, or a terminally ill MC that is going to die regardless--there has to be conflict for your character to overcome.

Also, have your MC either trying to improve the situation--or make it worse if he/she is a villain--don't have them sitting back to see if things improve on their own. The cause and effect of the decisions made by your characters will drive your plot.

Character driven plot.

Don't forget that your characters have their own agendas and hang-ups just like the people you know in real life. Just like you have yourself. The decisions your MC makes, that adversely affect the plot, will add new layers of complication that now have to be overcome. This is a good thing for your story! Even though it sucks in real life.


Conflict with others.

Conflict with the environment.

Conflict with self.

This last can lead to very satisfying conflicts, and resolutions, in my opinion. Especially when your character grows in some form as a result.

What do you think of this plot idea?

This is a common question I've seen on different writing websites. Something like, "My MC is going to X world to discover X mineral--is this a good plot idea?" is not a plot idea.

Now if you ask, "My MC is going to X world to discover X mineral because the Earth will die in X years otherwise--is this a good plot idea?" is a plot idea (that will only be good if you make it so).

And the reason is because cause and effect come into play. If the MC doesn't come through, earth will die.

It's easy to confuse plot with story idea.

If anyone else has ideas to add to this, or changes needed to content, please feel free to speak up.


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